Aviation Diesel Fuel Tanks Info

Diesel tanks come in all shapes and sizes. They are used as the name suggests to store diesel fuel for cars or trucks. In rural area’s, like in Tucson, a lot of people do still have diesel fuel tanks that will fuel their homes. There a re few better options to choose from then diesel to heat a home. Especially with the price of diesel keeps going up every few weeks it seems.

When home owners are moving away from using diesel fuel tanks the tank itself you cannot start cutting up and selling it for scrap. Because of the fumes and the little bit of diesel that is still in it the tank could blow up when using a blow torch or any device that might give you a spark.

There is of course a new use for the tank you can fill it up with diesel that you can put in your car or in your truck or tractor. This way with a few modifications to the tank itself you can buy diesel at a rate that most likely be lower then if you go and get to town to buy a tank of diesel fuel at the pump.

The prices or any type of gas will only be on the rise from now on. So when you can buy the diesel you still can get it at a lower rate then do t and fill the tank up fully.

The size of the tank can vary from 100l tank to 500 liter tank. Everything above the 500 liter tank will have to be custom made and will have to be placed underground and secured before it can be used.

When they fabricate the tanks, the standard ones or the ones that are custom made, will go through a vigorous process of testing. The tanks will be put under pressure to see if there are any leaks. This process will be repeated a few times until the tank passes. If the tank due to manufacturing reasons does not pas the test the tank is demolished and the steel is melted again.

Diesel fuel tanks can have a very long life span if you place them in a secure location and they are not exposed to the elements. Erosion of the tank happens when the elements over time chip away at the metal. The acid rain that does fall will erode the metal so bad over the years that holes in the tank can appear. At first those holes will appear on the top of the tank and gradually they will get bigger and bigger. You could manually repair the holes how ever one spark and the fuel within the tank will ignite leaving you with badly burning wounds. Always drain the tank when you are going to work on it. The better solution is to have a professional team come and fix the tank for you. It might cost a lot of money but your diesel fuel tank will be after the repair ready for more work.